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From Brussels with Love. Elena Vasilieva







Talented, young, creative, beautiful, stylish.... and there are thousands of words I can say about lady «completely obsessed with fashion». One day by chance, I found blog where fashionista post pictures of her in a self made clothes. I fell in love. Her fashion pieces play by her rules in very independent, tasteful and fresh way. She masterfully varies textures and pay great attention to details. To make this long story short, dear ladies and gentlemen, please meet designer Elena Vasilieva.

How long have you been working in fashion and how did it all begin?

Well, officially the VASILIEVA brand was created around the same time last year (I would probably say December. this is when I started working on my first dresses). So now it would be about 1 year old and this is how long I've been involved into fashion. I know it seems like a short time, even though I have always been interested in designing and have been making my own clothes since I could pick up a needle, just never had time to start doing it professionally. For the past 6 years I've been studying law, and as much as I enjoyed doing that, fashion and design have become that irreversible change I knew I had to make right after I graduated from the law school. Well, it was almost like "now or never", so I made my choice and since then I've enjoyed every minute I spent in my atelier.

What is your inspiration?

I get asked quite often about my inspiration and every time I sort of struggle to answer this questions simply because there is so much to tell. I get inspired by different things, sometimes odd, often extraordinary and unusual, at times very simple and basic. It can be anything really: photos, people, different cities. I have to say though my biggest inspiration would be the models, especially the ones, who have something peculiar, something unique in their looks.

What is "fashion" for you?

Fashion for me is a lot of things. And it sort of comprises a combination of individuality, personal style, uniqueness. It's not always about following trends, I'd say it's even more about creating the new ones. It's about bringing something different to the table, something that hasn't been done or seen before and at times it's very hard to achieve. This is exactly what fashion is about.

Who would wear your clothes and accessories?

There is quite a bit on that question on my website where I describe the VASILIEVA girl. She is usually my inspiration. She is different every day, ready to experiment. She is chic, yet she is not afraid to mix trends and styles. She is a girl you see every day on the streets of a big city.

What are your plans for the near future?

To be honest with you there are so many projects and plans for the future that I probably wouldn't even be able to count them all. As for the most significant ones, right now we are working on creating an online store for all of you my dear fashion lovers. Hopefully this will come to life very soon. Apart from that, I'm working hard on my new collections (which will include a bit more of casual wear and a small line of signature t-shirts). There are also plans for a few fashion shows for the upcoming seasons. I have never done a show before, so I'm really excited about that.

If you have the same feeling as I have you can visit:

Blog: http://elenavasilieva.blogspot.com/

Web where soon on-line store will be available: http://elena-vasilieva.com/

With love...

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