вторник, 14 декабря 2010 г.

Alice from World of Narciss

Alice Trautmane
Winter 2010/2011 Lacplesis (Bear-slayer legend hero)

Last week I met Alice…. not from Wonderland, but from fascinating world of fashion, design and creativity. When first time I saw her I wanted to say, “So…parle de la mode”. Alice Trautmane is a fashion designer of Narciss brand. Why Narciss? As you know there is a Greek legend about Narcissus who was a beautiful man loved by many, but he loved no one. He enjoyed attention, praise and envy. Alice interprets it in her manner, as willingness to be beautiful, attractive and confident. It is rather young brand with well-established science of style and classic refinement. Narciss clothes are your “best friends” in any occasion: new shopping session, evening rout or gripping voyage s'il vous plait! Being a master of mixing different textures Narciss’s looks become effortlessly elegant and stays warm at the same time. The perfect clothes during this cold time of the year! Magie, originalité, sexualité only in Wonderworld of Narciss.

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  1. Very nice collection, especially i like beige trousers!

  2. love every look, but especially the last one. So feminine but classy, elegant and chic.

  3. meeting a designer is always such an experience :) i love the concept behind it!


  4. She is stunning! The second outfit with the black fur hat and cream dress is amazing!



  5. Loove the outfits...they are all amazing...:)



    Don't bother to pass by..:)