четверг, 2 сентября 2010 г.


One day walking around the city I spoted beautiful bear sitting in a shopwindow. I can't stop myself not to come in. It was a small studio shop with incredible warm atmosphere where a lot of colorful bears were watching me. In this moment I realized that I definitely should meet the creators of Ameli kingdom. So… it is two talented girls from Liepaja – Inga Reinkante, who is high-class leather and fur specialist with a 20-years experience and designer with never ending imagination Anda Bake. They started their business 6 years ago in Liepaja and already 2 years conquer Riga. What is the field of their activity? Everything: from small accessories to clothes. Oh… and of course bears with unique character each. Individuality, love, style…and a lot more you can find here www.ameli.lv

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